Brodie Castle, a 'garden house' for the uninitiated is a mansion belonging to that age when Madras offered everyone who could afford it acres of space. On the bank of Adyar is Brodie Castle, built between 1796 and 1798 off Greenway's Road. James Brodie was an East India Company civil servant who got an 11-acre grant to build his mansion but he enjoyed it for all too short a while; he fell on hard times and rented it out to Government, several judges occupied it over the years till, in recent times, it became the College of Carnatic Music who renamed the building Thenral. A white, towered and turreted building, it's not in the best of shape today but it still catches your attention. As for Brodie, he was drowned in his beloved Adyar River in 1801, some say in a boating accident, others say suicide. Whatever the cause, the family sold the 'castle' to the Government and it has been Government property ever since.









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